Bands and Artists Performing 2017
MC Kat Walters (OK100)
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1:00 The Essentials
. Members: Mike Shaw, Dick Bottoff, Larry Baker, Bob Halstrom
2:00 Joe Whiting Band
. Members: Joe Whiting, Brian Barrigar, Tony Schimizzi, Rick Basha, John Martellaro
3:00 PULL
. Members: Nate Horton, Jeff Garrate, Ed Kinney, Mike Bell
4:00 KGB (Keith Gruber Band)
. Members: Keith Gruber, Barb Chiavelli, Andre Radelic, Steve Wooley, Donny Wilkins
5:00 Tailor Made
. Members: Tink Bennett, Chad Bennett, Caleb Lazenby, Mike McMullen, Derek Gasque
6:00 Schell - Austin & Company
. Members: Rick Schell, Dan Austin, Lonnie Park, Bill Strong Gary Bordonaro
7:00 Cafferty Band
. Members: Joe Leo, Steve Corey, Bill Strong, Dan Austin, Brian Miles, Danielle Rausa, Jim Reagan, Mark Baxendale, Al Cutri